Vision: Enriching Children with value added Education to create a valuable generation.

We strive towards bridging all the gaps and learning difficulties that leads to drop in academic performance at primary level. The most important years of learning begin at a pre-school. Magic Spell Pre-school is a small step with a unique vision of providing early childhood education through systematic instruction to  children before they begin compulsory Primary education. We strive to equip every child with cognitive academic language proficiency, effective reading and writing skills, numerical skills, scientific thinking, creativity, physical education, morals, team work, self-help, and prepare them to meet the challenges of higher education.

Our Mission

To provide education through creative methodology in order to discover themselves and grow into skillful generation.


‘Phonetics’ was a part of my curriculum in M.A(English Litt). I strongly felt that i shoudn’t be learning sounds at the fag end of my education. It is important that we learn all about sounds at a very early stage and this knowlwdge of sounds would transform our learning process. I strongly beliee that knowledge of Phonics is the first step to reading. This thought drove me to work on designing and customizing ‘phonetics’ into ‘phonics’ and formulate a balanced reading program for kindegarten kids through Magic Spell Phonics school.

I’ll forever be indebted to my teacher and guide, Mr.Narismha Rao for being a wonderful guide and imbibing in me a love for phonetics.

Magic Spell Phonic school is a small step with a unique vision of providing early and systematic instruction in Phonics. Started in the year 2015 with about 27 students at Whitefield, Bangalore,Magic Spell Phonic School is now stretching across many states.

After experimenting for about five years with children aged 4-6, we have launched a distinguished teaching methodology on Phonics for pre-primary sections, we have created a balanced reading program through designed instructional activities and effective strategies for decoding words in isolation and in context. Children aged 4-6 who have mastered the 26 letters of English Alphabet can learn Phonics effortlessly through our course.

We are a team of dedicated, passionate and trained teachers equipped with understanding of phonics and decoding strategies. We are also familiar with the conceptual framework of our reading program and are trained to deliver phonics lessons effectively.

Our Passionate Trained Teachers

Nancy Dynast
Sirisha Kalyan
Jane Alice
Vijaya Balakrishnan
Joanna joycey
Anthony Mary
Anitha Roy