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Play Group

Age Criteria : 2 – 3

Magic Spell playgroup is an organized group providing care and socialization for children under 2 years. where we provide a play space for babies and toddlers up to the age of 3, as well as offering a support network for the parents themselves. In addition to activities for the children, there are social events for the.  in addition to activities for the children, there are social events for the We provide a range of age appropriate activities:

Oral Motor and Speech Stimulation 

The initial focus is on Oral motor therapies that works on the oral skills necessary for proper speech development.  These skills include: awareness, strength, coordination, movement, and endurance of the lips, cheeks, tongue and jaw . We also understand problems like speech delay or ADHD. Therefore we assess the progress to ensure that therapeutic intervention is provided on time and lay strong foundation for speech development.

Physical Development and Motor Skill Development

We use Pragmatic approaches to understand a child’s physical growth and motor development. Toddlers are engaged in different gross, fine and visual motor activities which helps a child’s ability to do more complex skills in future activities. Children generally experiment with both sides of the body until a preference is made and we ensure that this preference (choosing the predominant hand for activities) is made at the earliest.

Early Childhood Language Development

The focus is on language development during early childhood, Our methodologies sharpens children’s abilities to understand, to process, and to produce language …. As children move beyond using Mono-syllabic words and di-syllabic words, they start to learn and understand multi-syllabic words and short sentences. We support a child’s ability to communicate by providing a language rich environment.

Social and Emotional Skill Development

Love and care give young children a sense of comfort, safety and confidence. Our supportive relationship with the kids help them form friendships, learn to be independent, develop a sense of self-awareness, help them communicate emotions and a sense of right and wrong (a conscience).

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