• vinithaandyeshwanth

    Magic Spell really does the magic. We take pride in sending our daughter Ishnavi (LKG) to phonics classes. We thank Mrs.Anitha and Mrs.Sririshafor teaching my daughter the reading techniques and methodologies with such dedication. The results were really surprising within a short span of time. Ishanvi reads most everything with minimum efforts from our end. She is able to read big words with ease and shows interest in reading.
    I would recommend this classes to all the kids and would say that it is not only useful for little ones but for parents as well. If the foundation is set right everything else will fall in its place. We would say that the benefits of these classes are much more than what we can see now.

    Vinitha and Yeshwanth
    Bangalore 2017
  • prasant

    While I was in search of a good phonics tutor, I came to know about Grace and her institute ‘Magic Spell’ from one of my friend whose daughter was already enrolled. I thought of giving a try for one month. Within a month I saw a progressive positive improvement of phonic skills in my daughter. Then I decided to continue the classes for the full course of nine months They follow a comfortable and transparent communication with parents to discuss the areas of improvement the kids in a constructive manner. They know very well about each and every child personally and know how to address the knowledge gap with an effective teaching methodology. The best part is that they did not pressurize my kid to learn, but developed an interest for a continuous improvement. Now after nine months, I am much confident that my daughter is proficient enough to read flawlessly in her higher standards. Thanks a lot to Grace Anitha, Sirisha and all the team for providing a strong foundation to my daughter which will help her throughout her life. Thanks. 

    Bangalore 2017
  • sandhya

    My son, Gowtham (UKG)... highly energetic with very low concentration picked so well in phonics. All credit goes to ‘Magic Spell’ team. Such wonderful worksheets which really helped the kids learn phonics effortlessly. Best part is kids never treat the class as a boring English tution…LOL…but a platform where they can laugh and learn. My kid never wanted to miss the class. I highly recommend and a big shout out to parents who are looking for phonics classes. ‘Magic Spell is just super good and fantastic.

    Bangalore 2017
  • himateja

    I am very happy with the improvement in reading skills of my daughter Sahasra(UKG). She now very good at reading very big words. She has also developed confidence and self-learning skills after attending the phonics classes.I would to thank all the teachers for the care taken. I am very satisfied to see such improvement in my daughter.

    Himateja & Venkatarajeshbabu
    Bangalore 2017
  • divyadersana

    When my daughter Vaishanavi reached Sr.KG the question which worried me the most was "How to make her read English in a proper accent?" It was then I came to know about Magic Spell Phonics School from a friend of mine. I immediately started sending my kid for the class. May be its the method she teaches or the way she handling the classes my kid started loving to go to phonics classes on time. I have noticed that madam is quite patient and many times she cared to give personal attention to kids. Gradually, Vaishanavi developed the habit of trying to read every word that comes across her. It made me wonder how she started reading words and simple sentences in a very less time. After 7 months of classes she can read and write good English. I am proud to know that she is the one who can read and write well in her grade I class. I highly recommend Magic Spell Phonics School to every parent.

    Divyadersana and Nirmal Gopinath
    Bangalore 2017
  • shruti

    Our Son Ojas Mahajan attended "Magic Spell Phonic School" under the guidance of Mrs.Grace in Bangalore last year. We see tremendous improvement in Ojas's reading skills in just few months after joining. Ojas, by now, has developed interest in reading; he enjoys the story books and tries to read newspaper and even the sign boards while we travel across. Mrs.Grace and her team are passionate and enthusiastic for spreading the unique course on phonics. Their teaching methodology is amazingly effective. Her polite communication, patience makes it easy for students to get the topic and teachers here pays individual attention. This year, there are initiatives in adding teaching aids and practice work and we are very positive for our younger son to get the benefit. We recommend parents to grab this opportunity.

    Shruti and Yogesh Mahajan
    Bangalore 2017
  • devapriyan

    We are so happy that our son is enjoying going to Magic Spell Phonics Class where fun and interesting activities begin. It really has made a lot of difference and improvement in his learning of English language. Your teaching methodology moulds and improves his reading, writing and spelling skills to promote him to next level. Now he is able to pronounce all the sounds correctly. He also has overcome fear and shyness. He enjoys attending your class. It shows us how he is being showed the same amount of love and care as at home. We thank God for helping us to find an excellent teacher like you. We really appreciate you being so patient with him and hard working to boost his confidence. We are pleased to convey this message to all. We strongly recommend this course to children aged between 4-6 years.

    Sekar and Bhuvana, P/o Devapriyan (Fourth std)
    Chennai 2017
  • sandhyasarvesh

    ‘Magic Spell ‘ is an excellent platform for kids to speed up their reading skills in English and improve spellings. We are very satisfied and happy for our son Harsha who has improved a lot in his accent and fluency in reading. I am really thankful to each and every teacher , especially Grace madam who started this wonderful program and created friendly environment for kids. We feel proud of our son Harsha when we see him equivalent in reading with my niece who is in Grade 2. All credit goes to Magic Spell. Magic Spell Phonics School is simply Superb.

    Sandhya & Sarvesh
    Bangalore 2017
  • bhagyalakshmiandsaravanan

    Before joining Magic Spell, My daughter Varsha (UKG) struggled to remember the spellings of 5 letter words. This created fear in us whether she would match the standards of grade 1 kid the next year. After joining the phonic class, my daughter showed vast improvement in reading words. She would try and read the name boards on the roadside and also from her dad’s laptop while he is working. We were really surprised when she started writing her own sentences one day. Now she reads story books on her own. As parents we are grateful to Grace mam and we would definitely recommend this course for kids pursuing UKG. Whatever I have written, I mean it, We cannot thank enough for the changes and improvement in Varsha.

    Bhagyalakshmi & Saravanan
    Bangalore 2017
  • muraliandgeetha

    Thank you Nancy madam for helping to make phonics classes such a positive experience for Rohan. With all your patience, creativity and love, Rohan has achieved a lot this year. He has started off on the right foot by having you as his phonics teacher. You made a great difference for Rohan. You have directed him to trust himself in all that he does. Thank you for your guidance and even for the discipline. He learned that he is strongest when he recognizes what yet is weak and how he might best develop those parts of his spellings and pronunciation of English. Thank you for creating an environment of enthusiasm for learning, appreciation for growing and room for making mistakes along the way. You are not only his teacher, you are also his authority guide and mentor, all rolled into one complete person. I am grateful to have you as a guide for my son, leading by example. My son Rohan is lucky to have the best teacher this year. Wherever he may go in his life, hope he will always remember that he had an excellent guide in the form of a teacher, you with most sincere appreciation.

    Murali and Geetha,
    Chennai 2017
  • pranav

    After Joining Magic Spell my son A. Pranav Yogith has improved a lot in reading comics and story books. His capability and confidence level in reading and writing words has increased a lot. I want to thank Mrs. Nancy for her passion and her way of teaching kids with more effectiveness. You have been a fun-filled and patient teacher. My son enjoys his lessons a lot and we appreciate what you have done for him. Other than studies, Magic Spell encourages in other activities like reading story books, clay moulding, painting, games, etc. Always they like to offer surprise gifts to kids for their activities. Because of this my son loves to go to class regularly. Thank you so much for your help and wishing Magic Spell for success in future endeavor. 

    Arul and Maha, P/O A. Pranav Yogith (1st Std)
    Chennai 2017
  • bharghavprajayan

    Hi all, Every child is a gift from God. Their talents are latent and so were parents created to enhance and bring out their skill to limelight. Every sincere and reasonable prayer is always answered by almighty. One such prayer of mine is Magic Spell Phonic School. My son had great difficulty with English language in all spheres. This problem was troubling me all the time, wondering, how much of difficulty he would have to face with education when he goes to higher classes. The prayer and wait of 3 years was answered in July 2016, when I met Mrs. Nancy the tutor at Magic Spell Phonic School, Chitlapakkam, Chennai. Here we go, as to what happened to my son during the phase of nine months from July 2016 - March 2017. Magic Spell Phonic School had levels in covering Phonic subject. They start from the start, yes, the very basic from ‘a’, but ‘a’ alone had different sounds. 
    I could visibly see that my son had developed a very good rapport and interest with the amicable environment present in amicable manner by Mrs. Nancy. When reading the spelling of a word seemed a hurricane task for my son, he has now turned a freak to get to read every word he looks at every place, house, park, mall, shops etc…and even the lines with perfection. How did this miracle happen? No doubt it was due to the effective and enormous effort put in at the Magic Spell Phonic School.  Mrs. Nancy was not just a teacher who held books and took out a marker and wrote on the board. She was indeed a mentor in my view to get to the mood swings, tantrums, capacity level with extreme patience, endurance and obviously tolerance. God bless her unique way of teaching every kid and make them master the subject. My son is now feeling that English is also a language and no more an alien. Millions, billions, trillions and hellions of gratitude to Magic Spell Phonic School’s initiative and a percentage more to Mrs. Nancy in warding off all the fear and lack my son had towards the language. Also as a feather to the cap, in every class children were rewarded with lovely gifts which kept them motivated and enthusiastic. 
    My son says, and had said he doesn’t want to take leave for Phonics class despite he being absent to school. That is another feather to the cap. Also, my son is writing well these days with fewer or no mistakes than those times where I see a page full of teacher’s red marks. 
    My testimonial is for parents with kids who has difficulties in reading the language (English) and also for kids who need to learn what the language really is. Thank you once again Magic Spell Phonic School and Mrs. Nancy.

    Sai Prabha, M/O Bhargav Prajeyan
    Chennai 2017
  • prathap

    I am extremely grateful to you for having put in your valuable time and helping my son P. Prathap to learn phonics. He struggled a lot in reading before joining the class. But, now he has enjoyed his tenure along with his peers and phonic activities. Thank you for encouraging when Prathap was struggling. I would really appreciate if you can take him further to next level.

    Prakash and Kanchanadevi, P/O P Prathap (1st)
    Chennai 2017
  • jazreelleno

    I am really pleased with how well my son has progressed in phonics class at Magic Spell. I have noticed a massive improvement with his reading and writing. I was also informed about his improvement at the end of each level of the course. My son really enjoys going to his class. I honestly recommend this class to all my friends.

    Sangeetha Stains, M/O Jezreel Leno. (1st)
    Chennai 2017
  • moumitha

    I got to know about ‘Magic Spell’ from one of my friends when I was looking for my son Jyotiaadithya’s phonetic transcription class for his Spell Bee exam. As everyone would know how difficult that subject is as it is done in Master’s Degree and to make it understand to a child of Grade 1 looked impossible but Grace handled it so well that my son learnt it in just four months and now he is very good at it which I think would have been impossible without Grace. She is exceptionally hardworking and leaves no stone unturned to teach her students. I will always be indebted to her.

  • bose

    We are very happy with the teaching methods and patterns. According to us this is a very good course for pre-primary kids and must join without doubt or hesitation. It provided excellent environment and perfect platform for reading for my son Prabhav. 

    Rekha and Bose
  • neelima

    ‘Magic Spell Phonics School’ is really awesome. The content is delivered to children in a very simple and systematic way. The syllabication is made so child friendly that children can easily grasp it. Within a few months she started to read news paper headlines. Then Grace mam' encouraged her to read story books. She has scored 2nd rank in IEO and also reached 2nd level in Mass Spell Bee. We have no bounds to our joy and happiness as we witness our child conquering tougher and tougher sentences.

    Neelima and Hari