How to help your child study ??

1. Keep changing your kids Specified Study area every week

We don’t always give priority to have a separate study room for kids. Each student is unique, they will have their own preferences to the way they want to study. Some may prefer complete silence and others may adapt anywhere. A study area sharpens the mind and enhances concentration, most importantly it will help a child avoid distractions. Let the child choose their study area to feel more comfortable. You can even choose a concept as a setting to the child’s study area.

2.Use colorful worksheets for writing

You cannot impress you kid without colors. If you want to make your child write arrange for some concept based colorful worksheets. It does all of the magic. 

3. Avoid planning long hours study.

Planning a child’s study hours in very important. Long hours of study will make the child loose interest and concentration too. And it adds on to stress. We would want the child to enjoy learning isn’t it?  Ideally, 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening will be a perfect plan for effective learning.

4. All work and no play make children dull.

Children learn as they play. Most importantly in play, children learn how to learn. – o. Fred Donaldson

Children may spend longer time in school, yet how they spend makes it more effective. Learning no longer happens only at school. Home is the best place to learn and they learn through imitation. Avoid using cell phones and laptops in front of children. Discourage them if they pick the laptops or cell phones. Divert them into play. Playing improves everyday skills, makes a child productive and creative. It also opens means for communication.

5. Spend time with your kid:

Child needs motivation to study. The motivation starts from you as a parent. First step to it is, sit along with your child when the child studies. Your presence beside them while studying increases their interest. However, avoid using your mobile or laptop, instead you can read a book or work on your interest.

Involve in casual discussion about study beyond the usual hours. Make it more fun. Use play time, food time, during a drive, bed time etc. It must not be fault-finding but a healthy and fun-filled discussion. You can think creative ways to do it.

For instance, choose a subject each day and discuss about what was taught in the subject lately. It will make the child to concentrate more on the subjects. Show interest in knowing about child’s favourite subject, class and teacher too

6.No distractions

Staying focused while studying is important. Therefore, keep the child away from any distractions such as loud noises, television, and another sibling playing etc. while studying. Set a time which will be comfortable for the child to study. A child has an extremely low attention span and may get easily distracted and lose interest in studies. A relaxed mindset while studying is also crucial. Therefore, light workouts before studying will improve concentration.

Most importantly, appreciate even the smallest achievement of your child. It gives them a sense of significance, boosts their self esteem and improves discipline in them.