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Magic Spell Phonic School provides nine months explicit instruction on the principles of phonics and spelling rules. When the child begins to read , we equip the child with Reading Skills:

  • Syllabication
  • Word Stress
  • Sentence Stress
  • Intonation Patterns

The course is divided into different levels.

Level 1– Consonant Sounds.

The child is acquainted with all the consonant sounds through fun activities and related worksheets and helps the child in identifying the sound of the letter in different contexts.The child is introduced to different sounds of a single consonant letter.

Eg: The letter c has two sounds

  • k – the hard sounds in the word CAT
  • s – the soft sound as in the word CITY

The child is taught when to read C as k and S.

Level 2– Consonant Digraphs and Blends

Here the child is introduced to the ‘H Brothers’ and the other consonant digraphs.The child is trained to differentiate the digraphs from two individual consonant sounds.

The study and practice of blends and digraphs is made very easy for the students through different activities and teaching tools. The Magic Spell Phonics School worksheets are an added assert to make learning effortless.

Level–3: vowels

Vowels play a dynamic role in English language and they rule the world of spellings.To make the study of vowels easier Magic Spell Phonics School has isolated each vowel in a volume. The study of vowel digraphs and the diphthongs is included in these volumes.

  • Volume 1- Vowel A
  • Volume 2- Vowel E
  • Volume 3- Vowel I
  • Volume 4- Vowel O
  • Volume 5- Vowel U

Each vowel sound and spelling patters are followed by relative reading sheets , list of words and spelling test worksheets.

Level–4: Basic Spelling Rules

This level is comprised of the basic spelling rules that introduces a pattern of spellings and make the learning of spellings simpler. The rules are followed by comprehensive and detailed practice worksheets.

English, however is a very unique language that has been borrowing words from almost all the languages. This characteristic of English has been influencing and altering the spellings over centuries. English language is not written in a consistently Phonic way. There are many words in English which do not follow the phonic rule and make the language look complicated. Such words are taught as sight words.

Sight words are introduced using different techniques for cognitive stimulation to help the child remember the new words.Magic Spell Phonics Schoolhas multi-sensory practice pages for intensive practice of such words.

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