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Hybrid Montessori curriculum

Programs at Magic Spell schools are defined by the practical application of sensory-based and self-directed learning through the authentic Montessori Method. We prepare children to be focused, independent, and innovative learners. We also provides all kinds of solutions related to early childhood education into the areas of Academic Resource, curriculum delivery, worksheets, teaching Materials and creatives, hands- on- lessons, themes and activities.

Junior science Lab

For fostering scientific learning in early childhood, active, hands-on learning is very important. And this can best be achieved through science lab experiments. Rather than making the kids memorize the facts, they are made to think and understand things and the world around them. Science lab experiments allow students to ask questions, probe for answers, conduct investigations, and collect data. They are engaged in the investigative nature of scientific learning and thus understand the real ideas in a much better manner.

 Field trips 

Another source of memorable learning experiences for children is interacting with the society and outdoor is probably the ideal place for growing ups because there the children come directly into the contact of nature.  The social platform connects the students so they can share views and access information easily and safely. Young minds should constantly be exposed to travels to boost and enrich their intellectual base and worldview. These educational tours or field trips give an insight to the world. No one can deny the benefits of educational tours. Books give us the theoretical knowledge; whereas field trips practically transform that knowledge for our better understanding. 

The Multi-Tire Approach 

It is a part of ‘Response to Intervention’ approach that supports the students with learning needs. The struggling learners are provided with interventions at increasing levels of intensity to accelerate their rate of learning. Progress is closely monitored to assess both learning rate and level of performance of individual students.

This framework is flexible with regard to duration of interventions.

Tier I: high quality differentiated instruction provided by the teacher for all students.

Tier II: supplemental strategic interventions provided by teacher and/or support person. Tier II is in addition to Tier I.

Tier III: intense individualized interventions provided by support person.

“The goal is for the school to intervene, or step in, and start helping before anyone falls really far behind.”  

Art and Craft

Fostering creativity increase your child’s  development  mentally, socially, and emotionally.. Creating art also improves  their fine motor skills. Practicing and gaining fine muscle control and strengthening eye-hand motor coordination can help children gain the skills necessary for later writing activities. Most important perhaps, when kids feel good while they are creating, art helps boost self-confidence.

 Interactive Whiteboards

These boards allow teachers and students to manipulate items on a large screen , bringing a new level of interactivity to classroom teaching. Teachers can also create their own lessons and broadcast media from the Internet, including academic videos or energizing clips that promote interactive instruction. The possibilities are endless!

Educational Videos 

Our academic videos are tailored to learning objectives and specific age groups and enables teachers to share instructional materials effectively.

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