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The purpose is to create a happy and secure environment. We are committed to facilitating active learning opportunities, specialist teaching staff and creative teaching aids for our students. We provide a practical comprehensive Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum which is continued into the Reception year, ensuring consistent and coherent transition from Nursery to Reception.


Physical Development and Motor Skill Development

Motor development is a continuous process and is important throughout a child’s early life, because physical development is tied to other development areas. We incorporate innovative entertaining activities into child’s daily routine to help improve their motor skills. The ability to learn and practice motor skills at an early age can benefit them academically, socially, and personally.


Pencil Grasp Development:

Children naturally hold a pencil, pen or a crayon in different angles. Before a child progresses towards writing, it is important that the child masters efficient pencil grasp. The child should learn to move fingers independently and dynamically. We consistently help kids to achieve the target grip that help them produce legible numbers and good letter formations.


Language and Communication Skill Development:

Language development is also an indication of oral motor communication, language, cognitive, social and emotional development, hence we provide a language rich environment. Verbally answering common questions. We reinforce good speaking habits by setting an example with the use of expression, vocabulary and right grammar. We also initiate conversations with facial expressions and help kids establish eye contact. We predominantly work on listening comprehension, vocabulary and phonological knowledge which are essential components in this development.


Story Recitation:

Children love listening to stories. Our objective is mold them into better story tellers too. Our story telling sessions are tools and strategies for effective Language learning which keeps the students engaged and lets them feel that they are also participating in the process of story-telling. We make story telling an interesting experience and fun filled activity where the listeners also participate in telling, guessing, acting and make it a joyous learning experience.


Out-door writing center:

Our out door learning center exposes students to fresh air and space to run around, play and learn along. Learning becomes an experience.


Rhymes. Teaching rhyme is an integral part of a kindergarten curriculum. But how do we differ from the rest is our non conventional methodology. Our students relive the rhymes by learning them in a theatrical environment.

Phonics:   Early childhood is the right time to starting to decode written words. Oral Phonics fluency and proficiency with decoding ability helps kids develop strong phonological awareness skills, which is a gateway into letter-sound knowledge.

Writing: You learn to write better by reading. You learn to read better by writing. Reading and writing work together to improve your ability to think. Do you know that your child should be learning and mastering basic writing skills at ages 3 or 4? We have set a milestone in reading skills with our effective phonics methodology. Similarly, our focus in Nursery is to attain standard in age-appropriate writing skills before they continue into Reception year. Our school adapts innovative writing methods to improvise writing skills in our Nursery students.

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