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This is Padmaja Kamisetty,  mother of Arohi Kamisetty. 
It gives me immense joy and pleasure to be associated with the Magic Spell as this is place where my child is in  safe hands and we feel it more approachable in any aspect. 
To mention, at Magic Spell everyone works with dedication, 
*The Management is good at planning and updating with new methodologies.
* The Teachers are more child friendly and caring with a smile which is a pre requisite for the pre school teachers. 
* Not to leave them behind,  the supporting staff like aunties, driver and security everyone of them are too good at their work. 
The saddest part is that,  as my child is going to UKG now, this is her last year at Magic spell and the scariest part for me would be to find a such a great school for her in par with Magic spell. 
However looking back we have no regrets but only beautiful memories associated with Magic spell which we will cherish for a life time and overall it’s a great school with holistic nature. 

It has been already 2nd Year into Magic Spell Preschool for our Son Geffrey who is always questioning when is school reopening after any weekend or after any holidays, this shows how our son was eager to learn and enjoy his school days in Magic Spell .

We would like to thank his class teacher and school management who are providing very good learning atmosphere in the school. Our son has developed a good writing and learning skills through interactive work especially through the story telling with a skit demonstration was a stand out for my son’s knowledge. He has developed a very good writing skills especially cursive writing in this age is outstanding practice given by the class teachers. Other skills like art and craft work for every month in the school was also exceptional with good teaching method and practical way of teaching for the school kids.

We are very much thankful for our God for showing us Magic Spell preschool has the first step in my sons future.

Grace & Cyril

It’s been a year that my son, Jishnu has been going to Magic spell preschool and he has always been very happy to go to school.  The curriculum magic spell follows, the different activities, way of evaluation, it’s reputation, teaching styles, recognition of child, the exposure given to children are all the key aspects for a great school.
From holding the pencil to making him an independent boy, the efforts of teachers are commendable.  Not to miss, the school celebrates its sports day, annual day and other events in a very high scale.
I can be at ease when my son is at school knowing he is cared for, safe and in a place that facilitates his future success.  I would like to thank the management, teachers and staff who have really worked hard to bring out the best in my son.
I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff for how wonderful you have been to my daughter studying and mainly speaking. She has had and extremely successful experience. She loves coming to school,and doing activities,live theriotical shows on stories for clear understanding for kids,field trips and mainly explainng each and every topic with live explanation.As a mother am very much satisfying to join my daughter in magic spell school.Always encouraging kids in speaking,playing, learning and also most important every morning kids going to the school with smile, greetings their class teacher with a good manner and coming to prayer with teachers they r singing it’s very much happy to see and sometimes we r also singing outside with them . Every single one of her teachers has been kind and loving, understanding and helpful. From what I hear and from the few times I’ve observed, she has been focused and participated in the activities. She appeared cheerful and compliant. 
I believe she will be successful in the years to come, fundamentally thanks to your staff’s caring hands. Thank you for giving her the chance to succeed.
Thank you so much for the last  wonderful year! [Our daughter] has really blossomed in your care. We couldn’t have found a better school for her educational start. We know the foundation you laid by your talented teachers will serve her well in the coming years.
We wish you continued success!
We are parents of Dhanyata Sree Challa, who is stepping into UKG soon.
We are blessed to be in association with Magic spell  preschool that ensures personal care, creative learning and foucs on personality development of the little ones by all means. We believe that being working parents whatever we could not contribute in our child’s development Magic spell is doing a substantial job. We are thankful and quite confident that Magic spell school would equip our kid with all the required skills to excel in today’s competitive environment. 

Our association with Magic spell started with our son joining the phonics classes 4 years back.
Thanks to the intensive and detailed training received, he is now a voracious reader able to write his own short stories using all his creativity.
When we came to know the start of Magic Sell pre school, there was no reason to not join our younger kid (Sai Avani) to get the best of the nurture we could expect for her budding days as a scholar.
Need not say she could pick up things pretty fast and even being part of the lower kinder garden, is now able to read the words phonetically, make sentences and show traits of thinking out of the box.
We are one of the proud parents, a BIG thanks to the team at Magic spell for their meticulous efforts in ensuring creative, innovative and interactive teaching methodologies adopted in the curriculum by the institute.

Seshu Kumar Mudiganti & Mythily Nemani


We wish Magic Spell to expand till 12th class  and continue to serve education under the grace of God!

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